Avoiding Injury on the Football Field

Avoiding Injury on the Football Field Soccer. Football. The beautiful game. Whatever you like to call it, it’s among the top pastimes in the UK. And if you like watching it on TV or playing it on your games console, there’s a good chance you like lacing up a pair of studs and getting out..

Help Yourself to Fight Pain

Pain takes on many forms, and at some stage in our lives, we all suffer from it. When caused by a minor injury or surgical procedure, it can be temporary. When caused by a severe injury or chronic illness, it can be long-lasting. The way people cope with pain varies from person to person.

Factors Affecting Pain

It’s a fact that some people are better at coping with pain than others. Some people, suffering from chronic pain, might consult a doctor and buy codeine online from a registered UK pharmacy; whereas other sufferers might not feel the need to as much, and make do with milder, over-the-counter forms of pain relief,.

Do’s & Donts When In Pain

Rehabbing an Injury: What You Should Be Doing Sustaining an injury can be a real pain, in more ways than one. Besides the discomfort of the injury itself, there’s the (possibly unpaid) time off work you’re being forced to take, not to mention the exercise and social events you’re missing out on.

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The Three Degrees of Pain Relief

Buy Tramadol Online Safe With Consultation

As you probably know, physical pain is a very individual thing. Some people feel it more easily than others, and there a number of factors which can affect a person’s ability to tolerate it – diet, age, and weight being just a few.

Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong – without it, we wouldn’t be able to tell as easily whether our bodies were enduring physical damage, or suffering from an illness or condition.

However, after a condition has been treated or an injury has been operated on, pain can sometimes linger, and in these cases, a doctor will often suggest or prescribe a pain relief medication to help ease symptoms.

So, how do doctors determine which medication will suit which types of pain? Well, there are three different tiers of pain – mild, moderate and severe – and these levels are in often used to help determine which medication will best suit the condition:


Mild pain is often the sort experienced during a minor headache, or during the very early stages of infection. The first few hours of tonsillitis, where the glands begin to swell up, might be characterised as mild pain. A sore throat during a cold might be another example. For pain such as this, paracetamol is usually sufficient in treating pain (in those instances where pain does not disappear on its own). You can buy pain relief of this sort without a prescription in most cases, as it has a relatively low risk of side effects.


This level might be characterised by inflamed tissue, a migraine, or a muscle strain. In these cases, a doctor may suggest the use of an over-the-counter or prescription anti-inflammatory (or NSAID), such as ibuprofen or diclofenac. For migraines, specialist treatments such as Relpax or Tramadol are available to help provide relief.


Chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis are usually associated with more severe types of pain. Again, it all depends on the patient’s personal tolerance, but a surgical procedure may leave a patient experiencing severe pain afterwards. For this type of pain, a doctor may issue an opioid such as codeine pills. Medication to treat severe pain is obviously very powerful, and will always need a prescription due to its high risk factors. For instance, you can only buy tramadol online uk if you have a consultation first.

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Taking Your Medication on Holiday: What You Need to Do

Going away on holiday is something we all like to do. Whether it’s a city break, wandering around museums and soaking up some culture, or a beach holiday, involving nothing but lounging around and sun-bathing, vacations give us the opportunity to get away from our typical daily worries and rest up.

Preparing before a holiday? Now that’s the hard part. Remembering everything you need in the run-up can be a stressful ordeal anyway – but if you’re suffering from an injury or pre-existing condition, and need to take pain relief medication with you, then this can make the process even more difficult.

It’s always best to anticipate the steps you’ll need to take well in advance, to ensure you don’t forget your medication, and that your passage to another country is as smooth as possible. Here’s our advice:

Call the Airline

First of all, you should contact your airline or travel agent to find out what standard procedure is for the safe transport of your medication. This can vary, depending which company you’re flying with, and which country you’re travelling to. Some may require a doctor’s letter or endorsement. Others may ask for all drugs to be sealed in hold luggage rather than carried in a cabin bag.

Make Sure You Have Enough Medication

Do you have enough medication to last you through your holiday? Remember, it likely won’t be easy (or even possible) to acquire it abroad if you run out. Ensure you have a sufficient amount.

Carry All Your Documentation

For instance, to buy codeine pills, you need a prescription, and to travel with them legally, you’ll need to able to show that a doctor has issued it to you. So ensure you carry your prescription, and your doctor’s letter, and present them to customs officers when asked.

And while on holiday…

Keep your medicine secure and don’t lose it, as finding a replacement may not always be possible. Although you can buy painkillers online uk such as codeine online, for safety and security reasons, they can only ever be delivered to your home address. If something does go wrong while you’re abroad, make sure you contact the authorities for help, or consult a medical professional.

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Buy tramadol or codeine online

Why Do Some Painkillers Need a Prescription?

It’s a set of questions which get asked on a regular basis in the pharmaceutical world – why do some pain relief medications require a prescription, while others don’t? Is it legal to buy medicines without a prescription? Are medicines that don’t require a prescription safe for everyone?

There are a number of reasons why some pain relief medications require prior consultation with a doctor and others do not. Here are the main factors why:

The Right Product for the Right Condition

Pain relief treatments you can buy over-the-counter in pharmacies and supermarkets include products like paracetamol, aspirin and lower strength ibuprofen. Paracetamol is generally used to treat milder types of pain, such as headaches. Ibuprofen is broadly used to relieve inflammation in and around joints and tissue – so when someone suffers from mild back pain, or a minor injury.

However, prescription pain relief is more often used for very speific purposes – for instance, you can only buy tramadol or codeine online with a prescription, because it is a strong pain reliever usually indicated for cases of post-operative pain. Medications like tramadol are used to treat very specific chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis – so doctors are more selective in where they apply this sort of treatment.

So, while it is possible for many people to self-medicate milder conditions with over-the-counter pain relief, severe conditions require a more particular approach – and that’s where higher strength anti-inflammatory or opioid painkillers come in.

Risk of Side Effects

The risk of side effects with stronger pain medications is higher, and a doctor will want to ensure you don’t have any pre-existing conditions which a medication may exacerbate before issuing it to you. For instance, someone who is prone gastric illnesses such as irritable bowel disease would not be able to use ibuprofen to treat their headache, as it would risk aggravating bowel symptoms. Similarly, before letting you buy tramadol or codeine online, a doctor and pharmacy team will also want to ensure you aren’t prone to liver or kidney dysfunction, or heart problems, as these treatments can make those conditions worse.

Potential for Misuse

Stronger pain relievers have a higher potential for misuse too, and this is another reason why they can only be bought with a prescription. Those with a history of drug or alcohol dependence are unsuitable for treatment with opioid painkillers, because of their addictive qualities – so a doctor will need to ensure before issuing such treatment that a patient is not likely to become addicted to it.

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